Madcat Group

OHS & Environment


All employees of MadCat Group will conduct their work in a professional and efficient manner so that the customer receives value for money.


Whether at a construction site or a client’s backyard, MadCat knows that it is going to affect the people and places around us. That is why were dedicated to being a socially responsible business designed to consider the protection of the environment and community and clients at large.

Occupational Health and Safety

MadCat will ensure that our services are provided in a safe manner by suitably trained personnel.

We only provide plant that is safe and properly maintained and will interact with our clients and operators to ensure a safe workplace.

Upon request we can provide all Work Cover Licences which are part of our OHS system, ensuring all requirements of the OHS Regulation 2001 are applied.

  • Log Books (Service History)
  • Red/White Cards
  • Daily Pre-Start Checklists
  • PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)
  • Insurances, Work Method Statements
  • JSAS (Job Safety Analysis Statements)
  • Site Safety Management Plans (SSMP)

Adherence to any and all relevant codes of practice and standards as they relate to the OH&S Act 2000, the OH&S Regulation 2001 and Australian Standards AS2601

The Environment

MadCat Group understands that the environment is of the utmost importance when conducting business to ensure future generations will have the same privileges we currently enjoy today.

  • Focused on environmentally safe working practices and we do this through the implementation of our Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • MadCat conduct our operations in such a way as to have minimum effect on the environment, be it noise, dust, fumes, run off or pollution
  • MadCat will recycle materials where possible and use only approved disposal sites

We can provide all your earth moving requirements in an efficient and professional manner from the small difficult access sites to the large civil sites.

MadCat offers a free, no obligation advisory service in the field, where advice is needed on the most efficient method of excavation or where access is limited.